Meet the “Wine Apartment”
Directed by Waves.

Philosophy / フィロソフィー


Kyoto wine apartmentは、平安京の時代から日本の様々な歴史を紡ぐ京都に建設される、ワイン愛好家の為の特別なアパートメント。

Kyoto wine apartmentでは、長い歴史と成熟した文化を育てた豊かな地の下で、ワイン熟成に最適な環境を整えた、

それらが新しい歴史的な息吹きとしてワインにふき込まれる、と Kyoto wine apartmentでは考えています。


Breathing new life into wine with history

Kyoto Wine Apartment provides special apartments for wine enthusiasts. Established in Kyoto, a city with a long and illustrious history since its days as Heian-kyo, the Japanese capital during the Heian period (794¬–1185), the current property borders the former site of the Heian Palace. This deeply traditional and historical area once hosted the residences of Heian period court nobles and aristocrats.

At Kyoto Wine Apartment, expansive wine caves with ceiling heights soaring to 5 m have been prepared as an optimal environment for aging wine below these rich grounds which have fostered a long history and finely developed culture. The sommeliers who watch over the wine, in the past, are said to have originated with the storehouse keepers who once served kings.

Restoring the original role of the sommelier, storing wine and aging it…
The history of wine’s remarkable development into a fine art in European palace culture…
The history of sommeliers and their role of continuously increasing the value of wine…
The melding of Japanese culture developed over a long history and the subtly refined beauty of Kyoto…
At Kyoto Wine Apartment, we embrace this history to breathe new life into wine.

We are pleased to be able to provide an elegant experience for wine lovers that could only be created in a place like Kyoto.

Creative Team / クリエイティヴチーム

Architecture info / 建築概要

プロジェクト : 京都ワインアパートメント(仮称)
ロケーション : 京都
平均占有面積 / 185.7m²+地階プライベートワインカーヴ

Project : Kyoto wine apartment PJ
Location : Kyoto-Japan
Apartment area: 185.7m²(average)+private winecave